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  • May

    London Craft Week 2019: PINCH x Mourne Textiles - LUACHANNA

    We are delighted to present our collaboration with Mourne Textiles, LUACHANNA; a collection of cushions and wall hangings to celebrate artistic making, symbolizing the shared values that both our brands bring to creating elegant and dimensional products, putting craft at the centre of our passion for British manufacture.

    Kick starting celebrations to mark our 15th year, and created for London Craft Week 2019, the textile range is designed by Russell and Oona, and produced by Mourne Textiles in their County Down workshop in the Mourne mountains. We will be exhibiting the beautiful legacy loom and doing demonstrations on Wednesday and Thursday during Craft Week, and would love to welcome you to experience the craft of hand loom weaving in person. The vintage loom, as well as the whole collection will be on display in our shop for the duration of Craft Week.

    We have held a long time mutual appreciation of one another’s visual language and commitment to a design process that respects materiality and honest making. London Craft Week provides the perfect platform to combine our respective disciplines of furniture and textile design and manufacture, as we join forces in concept and making. The collection showcases the art of hand loom weaving, gentle sculptural impact, close colour relationships and the beauty of natural materials in their purest form.

    With the wall hanging we were keen to push the hand loom process to its limits. A standard loom weave pattern is characteristically linear and block set in its layout. Our concept was to immortalise the beauty of the Mourne Mountains undulations within the graphics of the wall hanging, pushing the technical build to a style more associated with tapestry weaving created on a vertical loom. The pattern is inspired by the natural peaks and troughs of the landscape surrounding the workshop of Mourne Textiles in Northern Ireland.

    Russell first sketched the undulations from Mourne Textiles’ many beautiful photographic captures of the famous mountain landscape, he then hand drew the design into a pattern layout and recoloured it in classic PINCH colourways across a dusty pink, warm yellow and natural tone spectrum.

    In order to create a fully dimensional product, albeit with the sensitivity and gentleness that both brands excel in, Mourne Textiles referred to an archive weave first created by Mourne Textiles’ founder Gerd Hay-Edie in 1950 for a wall covering displayed at the ‘Festival of Britain’. Uneven threading delivers a varied, lace-like pattern within the weave, playing on vertical lines as well as horizontal. Now second generation Mourne Textiles weaver, Karen Hay-Edie, (daughter of Gerd), who studied tapestry at the beginning of her weave training in Norway, commits 25 hours of weave time to each hanging, a true labour of love, concentration and celebration of the craft.

    The cushions, available in a mustard and dusty apricot blush colour way, are of a plain weave structure marrying wool warp and cotton weft yarns, inspired by the sampler start point of any weave process. During this studio exploratory phase, the weaver introduces different textures and yarn weights by changing the weft yarn in the shuttle to explore how different combinations of warp and weft affect the dimensional shadows and create rhythm and pattern in the final fabric.

    The LUACHANNA cushions riff on this textural shift, and close colour relationships that change subtly across the weave journey, and celebrate the happy accidents and lucky magic that are the true gifts of the weave process. Representing honest construction, the cushions make a virtue of the full span of fabric, and feature a natural fringe finish on the rear of the cushion.

  • February

    The Monday Club - Russell Pinch’s Shelfscape

    When we were approached to take part in this edition of ‘Shelfscape’ with the Monday Club, we were interested in taking a closer look at the objects that make up our creative process and adorn Russell’s studio space. From reference books to models and tools for making, the objects that fill Russell’s desk space all have their own story behind them.

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    Photography | Kim Lightbody

  • January

    Winner Elle Decoration British Design Awards 2019

    Photography: Elle Decoration / Jenny Lewis

    Thank you Elle Decoration UK for bestowing us a British Design Award for our recent bedroom collection. We are thrilled and super grateful that our work stood out to the editorial team, and delighted to be recognised for our creativity and quality. Our bedroom story centres on two launches: our Elan armoire and Moreau bed. Both Elan and Moreau represent our criteria in designing furniture and lighting that combines strong signature shapes, beautiful materiality and expert making.

    Oona Bannon, our Creative Director and co-founder of Pinch explains what it means to win the award; “Working as a couple with a small team, we could easily find ourselves going down a rabbit hole designing furniture that doesn’t have any 
resonance, so its heartening to know that what we are doing is appealing to people. We feel supported in putting creativity first and bringing things to market that come from the heart.”

    Since we started in 2004, we have been asked repeatedly by our clients to introduce a bed to our collection. The long-awaited Moreau bed delivers our classic Pinch language, where we strive to evoke a genuine elegance, cut with a clean and modern poise. Mirroring the lines of its namesake Moreau sofa, the upholstered bedhead and frame follows the same sculptural 
camel-back lines. It is a wonderful bed to wake up in, it is beautifully simple but also chimes a sense of generosity with an extremely high comfort factor.

    Our Elan armoire is wardrobe that offers a modern take on the classic cabinetry technique of Marquetry. Three harmonious birch veneers are combined to create a gentle yet dimensional colour story, layered across the abstract shapes that decorate the doors, and the beauty continues internally with our take on the pre industrial birdbeak technique for creating adjustable shelving . While Elan was developed with clothes storage in mind, it can also be made for living area use, as the internal ladder system allows the user to select their preferred hanging / shelf and drawer combinations. Additionally, the armoire has custom cast brass, copper plated handles and hinges.

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